by Nikobeats & Noah Rime$

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Don't simply let their exclamation of "IT'S MADFRIENDLY!" on 'Welcome' suffice as your full introduction to Nikobeats & Noah Rime$... With this being their first full length album together , It's only right we take their introduction to the world a step further.

The two Producer/MC's, hailing from Inland Empire, CA met in high school in 2014 and have been making music ever since. Blending sonics of their favorite digs whether it be from online, or from their local record stores, Nikobeats & Noah Rime$ come together to produce a vibrant, soulful, yet gritty mesh of sounds that intertwines together like a 17 track DJ set - always intriguing and never having a dull moment. Whether it's penning out verses about having 'Style to the Game', telling stories about their times 'Going Back Home', or even giving dues to their 'Angels' for helping getting them through their trials and tribulations in life, thoughout each of the 17 tracks Nikobeats & Noah Rime$ paint an honest picture of who the two individuals truly are.

The album features a handful of Niko and Noah's longtime collaborators: BANY Records very own Garrott Odom, Mutant Academy's Fly Anakin, Long Beach native Huey Briss, Crosby, and the one and only yeenneen. On “Madfriendly” Niko and Noah try to bring to life the energy of the growing bi-coastal hip-hop community.

"Getting features on the album for us were never about trying to get the hottest buzzing artist to get some bullsh*t attention, it was always about making great music and we thought to ourselves... why look anywhere else when the people we think make the dopest music - are the people we've been making music with for years."

"The internet is a powerful place man. If it wasn't for that sh*t I don't know if we would have been able to link with any of the homies from Richmond, North Carolina, or even Florida. Shouts out to Steve Jobs."

From Noah Rime$:
"When I first started working with Niko, admittedly I was going through depression. My brother passed away, I dropped out of school, I didn't have a job, I stopped making music. I was just completely unmotivated and withdrawn from life. But what working on this album did for me was help bring me out of my shell and regain my confidence. I got to tap into my influences and polish my abilities not just as a writer, but as an artist and performer. It made making music fun again, which I think is important. Whether I was talking sh*t and joking around, or being upfront about my emotions, I wanted every moment to be raw and honest, and I think it shows on this album.”

From Nikobeats:
"Working on this album with Noah solidified a moment in my life I will never forget. Having just dropped out of college and barely stepping foot into trying to figure this life sh*t out, this album acted as a vessel for me to express feelings in a way I have never been able to the past 18 years. It being the first time I’ve worked on a full length vocal project, the process allowed me to unearth a whole new side of my expression. It really helped me dig back into why i started making music in the first place which was a mental space I had strayed away from for a very long time. I threw away all the bullshit overthinking, dealing with politics, even thoughts of what other people would think and just focused on making music that made me feel good in the first place. At the end of the day regardless of the sucesses/failures this album brings, I feel me and Noah were able to truthfully capture a moment in our lives and I think that in itself is a blessing."

You might have heard these two on the dolo tip be it their credits on other projects or maybe even their own solo releases, but there is definitely something special about the fire that gets cooked up when these two come together. With that being said man... kick back, light one up, and press play.


released October 20, 2017

All tracks Written and Performed by Nikobeats & Noah Rime$

where noted (feat.) tracks also written and performed by
Garrott Odom, Fly Anakin, Huey Briss, Crosby, and yeenneen.

Produced by Nikobeats & Noah Rime$

Executive produced & Mixed by Nikobeats at Nikobeats Studios, CA
Mastered by Tenacity at The LAByrinth, CA

Artwork by Maxton Stenstrom


all rights reserved



Nikobeats & Noah Rime$ Los Angeles, California

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